Please Pray for Our 2019 Seminarians


Each year Council 3034 chooses two seminarians to support with extra financial assistance during their journey of discernment and formation. This year the council has selected two fine gentlemen from Seven Dolors parish in Manhattan. Both are attending Conception Seminary College. Kyle Pfeifer and Gavin Sedlacek are their names. Thank you for remembering these and all our seminarians in your prayers. 



Two Seas of the Holy Lands


By Marvin Ziegler, Lector


The Sea of Galilee is beautiful. It has blue water and is full of fauna and flora. Life exists. Trees line its banks where children splash and play. The Jordan River makes this sea, flowing from the sunny hills; life is happy and vibrant around this sea.


Through the Sea of Galilee, the cool rolling waters of the Jordan River continue to flow south into the Dead Sea. In the Dead Sea there are no fish swimming, no birds flying above, no families sunning near the shoreline. No man or animal will drink the water there. Life does not exist at the Dead Sea.


One might ask: What makes this enormous difference between these neighboring seas? Could it be the Jordan River? No. The same flowing waters empty into both bodies. It is also not the soil, not the people, not the geography. So what is the difference?


The Sea of Galilee receives, but does not keep the Jordan. For every drop that flows into, another drop flows out. The Sea of Galilee gives equally as it receives, but the Dead Sea keeps the Jordan; it has no outlet. Every drop it gets, it keeps. It does not share, it stockpiles its incoming waters; the only escape for water from the Dead Sea is evaporation, leaving behind the salty, lifeless sea and shoreline. 


Our lives and actions are the same. It makes no difference what we do in life, if we do not allow goodness and information and action to pass through us it dies. Regardless of our occupation or standing in life we have a choice to give and allow what we receive to flow through us, or not. When we choose to give we all flourish.


K of C Offices



Grand Knight & Youth Director Chris Sipe
Deputy Grand Knight  Jeff Blundon
Financial Secretary Lee Weigel
Treasurer Rick Pospichal
Chaplin Fr. Michael Elan, CMI
Chancellor Craig Cline
Recorder Steve Knopp
Lecturer Marvin Ziegler
Advocate &  Humanities (Tootsie Roll) Chairman Bruce Heier
Warden Kent Seirer
Inside Guard & 4th Degree Faithful Navigator Gary Flax
Outside Guard Vic Lyczak
Trustee, 3 Year  Brian Steinert
Trustee, 2 Year & Recognition Chairman John Malone
Trustee, 1 Year  Andy Hurla
Rosary Corp Leader Herman Hammerschmidt
Culture of Life Couple Jim & Jamie Malone

Public Relations / Lift High The Cross 
& Funnel Cake Chair

Jeff Ochampaugh

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus is a family friendly, fraternal, service organization for Catholic men.  Our core principles are Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.  The Knights  promote many programs which give support to our church and local communities. These include the Russell County Food Pantry, Catholic Charities and the Mary Elizabeth Maternity Home.  Our Tootsie Roll Program raises money to help people with intellectual disabilities. We also conduct a Free Throw contest and support Catholic religious education for our youth each year. Through the Adopt-a-Seminarian Program we provide moral and financial support to Kansan Seminarians. We invite all men in good standing with the Catholic Church to come join us in these and many more activities.

Regular meetings are held on the second Monday of the Month, September - June, at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall.

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